GW1 Go Picnic with Tanya Doty

Cane and tools will be provided.  No need to bring anything.


GW2 Go Copper With Jasmine Clarke

Copper wire and copper patination will be provided.  

Please bring with you safety glasses, long nose pliers, side cutters and (disposable) face mask.

you can also bring embellishments like beads and paua and stones -ideally with holes through them 


GW3  Go Stitching with Deb Price

Plant materials, stitching thread and a darning (stitching) needle will be provided.  

Please bring with you:
**Craft scissors or secateurs to cut tough fibres like cabbage tree leaves.
** A large sharp ended needle for shredding fibres (about 6-7cm long is comfortable to use)
**Embellishments like shells, feathers, beads, fancy threads, other little treasures etc (optional)

Also, please wear comfortable clothes and possibly a cushion to sit on -optional - for the floor or hard school chairs - wherever you feel most comfortable


GW4 Go Twining with Sarah Hornibrooke

Flax and Tools to share will be provided.

Students to bring: A strong BIG pair of sharp scissors and a very large eyed, sharp darning needle.

Some optional tools and equipment to bring are a plastic sheet or old towel and LARGE lockable craft knife.


GW5 Go Willow with Nicola Basham

Willow and lots of tools will be provided.

If you have a lockable knife or a sharp pair of secateurs, please bring them.  If not, dont worry.


GW6 Go Shopping With Yvonne Hammond

Flax will be provided.

All students to bring An old towel, pegs, scissors, secateurs, a kitchen knife (non-serrated) and a retractable knife.

To finish your shopping basket, you can make a decorative flax koru and if you have interesting pieces of driftwood, paua, antler horn, buttons to use for decoration....bring them along too.