Course Location

The courses take place at the Collingwood Area School, Lewis Road, Collingwood, Golden Bay. New Zealand.  This year we are in brand new buildings!!!!

Here are some broad travel guidelines and contact information.  Each person must establish what the travel requirements are for them, and these may alter depending on Government guidelines.


Travelling to Nelson

International travellers will have to travel to one of the major towns (Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington) and connect to a domestic flight headed to Nelson.  There are no easy routes other than a domestic flight.  Those people who can travel into Wellington can catch a local plane It is is a fantastic sight-seeing plane right over the Marlborough Sounds and the islands in the Cooks Strait.

Travelling onwards from Nelson 

When you fly into Nelson, depending on the timing and budget, your onward travel can be:

- hire a car at the airport.  There are six different hire companies.  See

- get a bus direct from the airport.  They leave from Nelson Airport and go to our main town Takaka on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 12.15 arriving at 2.45.   Then for the return journey, they leave from Takaka at 9.00 am getting to Nelson Airport at 11.00am..

- ask me to organise a lift from another student....I often try to find students who will be driving past Nelson Airport who are happy to give a lift to another student.  There are no guarantees this will work out .....but it has so far.


Domestic Flights to Takaka, Golden Bay

You can fly direct to Takaka, Golden Bay via a small 4 passenger plane from Wellington or Nelson. It is a particularly scenic flight from Wellington, going over the Marlborough Sounds and there are two flights a day from each location.

I am happy to pick you up from the Takaka airport and take you to your accommodation.  Sometimes there is a bus which picks people up from the Takaka airport en route to The Heaphy Track and drops them off in Collingwood.

Or you can also hire a car from the Takaka airport.


Collingwood is 2 1/2 hours drive from the nearest big town Nelson.  It is 1/2 hour drive from the main town, Takaka.