Go Wild With Weaving Exhibition

The Go Wild With Weaving Exhibition will be held in Takaka, Golden Bay from Monday 6th April to Saturday 4th May 2024.

Venue: MONZA Gallery

Address: 25 Commercial Street , Takaka, New Zealand
Phone:  03-525 8510
Email: monzagallery@xtra.co.nz


You will be in for a Treat!  Many talented weavers will exhibit their weaving.

Nicola Basham, Bronwynn Billens, Jasmine Clark, Tamar Guse, Yvonne Hammond,  Sarah Hornibrooke, Anita Peters, Debra Price and visiting weaver/tutors Cindy Wood ( Australia) and Judy Zugish (US).

Materials will range from contemporary to traditional,...Copper, cabbage tree leaves, bark, flax, willow, cane and embellished with feathers, beads and much more.